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The Tilt of Time

 - The Tilt of Time
Une exploration de la nature multiforme du temps à travers les œuvres de sept artistes, couvrant différentes approches et recherches, allant de la transformation des objets et de leurs significations au fil de l'histoire, au rôle actuel de l'intelligence artificielle dans la création d'images et à sa relation avec les arts visuels, ainsi qu'aux tensions géopolitiques d'aujourd'hui.
The publication The Tilt of Time was realised on the occasion of the exhibition organised by IED Firenze and Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi that explores the multiform nature of time through the work of seven artists and was curated by the 2022-23 class of the Master in Curatorial Practice at IED Firenze. The Tilt of Time is the third volume published as part of Kunstverein Publishing Milano's new series Extra: publishing projects developed in collaboration with students and educational institutions.
The Tilt of Time encompasses six artistic approaches, investigations, ranging from the transformation of objects and their meanings over time and history, to the current role of artificial intelligence in the creation of images and its relationship with the visual arts, as well as the geopolitical tensions of the present day. In its various forms and meanings, cyclical, eternal, present, linear, fragmented, distorted, biological and personal, time has in every era been the territory of analysis in philosophy, religion, science and art. The Tilt of Time also includes the language of performance and music, which, by their very nature, not only live in time but also organise, compress and expand it.
The publication brings together a variety of visions and perspectives on "time" in an account of the curatorial project and a special section devoted to the artistic practice and extended interviews with Giulio Aldinucci, Fabrizio Ajello and Francesco D'Isa, Chiara Bettazzi, Alessandro Gandolfi, Jacopo Jenna, Namsal Siedlecki.
Œuvres de Giulio Aldinucci, Fabrizio Ajello & Francesco D'Isa, Chiara Bettazzi, Alessandro Gandolfi, Jacopo Jenna, Namsal Siedlecki.
Contributions de Georgina Anastasi, Victoria Cassone, Sneha Chaturani, Hailey Conway, Patricia Hale-Siedler, Solomiia Hrebeniak-Dubova, Alisa Kanevsky, Catarina Mel, Emma Miles, Caterina Moreira de Melo, Alexandra Skilnick.
paru en mars 2024
édition anglaise
17 x 24 cm (broché)
ISBN : 978-88-32125-13-9
EAN : 9788832125139
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