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People Painting

Fabienne Radi - People Painting
Fan book parody, People Painting is an artist's book made up of a collection of found images of famous personalities (from the 1920s to 2020) painting or posing in their studios.
These notable figures are known for their activities in show business (cinema, music, sport, music-hall or as crowned heads) and paint as a hobby with varying degrees of dedication and obstinacy. They like to let themselves be captured in this activity or to dramatize themselves, reproducing stereotypical artists' postures. Postures in the sense of a way of occupying a position and adjusting one's attitude to it, taking into account the gaze of others. Having acquired their fame in other fields of expression, these figures have the opportunity to exhibit a new facet that refines, completes or upsets the image they want to project. To our great amusement, slight annoyance, sporadic delight or simple astonishment.
Fabienne Radi (born 1960 in Friburg) writes (essays, fiction, poems), produces artist's editions (books, posters, records) and teaches at art school (Head, Geneva). Titles, folds, misunderstandings, haircuts, dentists, Paul Newman and Shelley Duvall are recurring motifs in her work.
published in February 2024
bilingual edition (English / French)
14,7 x 20,6 cm (hardcover)
96 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37751-077-1
EAN : 9782377510771
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