Flash Art Volumes

A yearly publication by Flash Art, Flash Art Volumes tackles issues of design, architecture and art publications at large, placing itself as a new zero degree, using economics, theoretical analysis, and market to re define conteaships and positioning itself as a value carrier, defining waves of attention and setting a new tone: amplification.
Volumes is split and organised in five sections, finve channels of distribution opting to fully describe and channel pressing themes.
Sources looks at large scale examples that paved the way for a different approach and are still great examples of the unrefined process of defining contemporary aesthetics. Sources is the main content provider of Volumes, using worldwide amplification of building resources and merging brand production for the creation of editorial-breaking content.
Stocks merges economic analysis and auction esthetics to provide a market-waving portrait of current design and gallery trends.
Streams is a portrait of hybrid calibers, merging native content, art, and avant-garde photography.
Intelligence brings into the discussion external factors bridging design and art with industrial production aiming for a new full resolution on creative issues.
Amp consists of re-printed and unseen archival documentation and working files by great designers as raw files.
Flash Art Volumes - Anti Composition
English edition
The inaugural issue of Flash Art's yearly review dedicated to design at large and an in-depth analysis of market relevant issues, titled Anti Composition, provides an aesthetical upgrade at world scale sources and phenomena (featuring Michael E. Smith; Peter Fischli; Anne Imhof; Paride Maria Calvia; Armature Globale; Joshua Brinksman; Mishima House, Tokyo; Winter House, London; Hopkins House, London; Wolf D. Prix; Bruce Graham Residence, Chicago; Sci-Arc, Los Angeles; The Met, New York; Scad Museum Of Art, Savannah; Bottega Veneta...).

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