Magma revives the tradition of the great twentieth century revues d'art. Conceived as a forum for artistic expression, artists and writers collaborate and co-create. Magma is an invitation to participate in a dialogue that transcends the usual boundaries of the art world. It is a meeting place. Each artist's contribution is an original or an unseen work, created for the publication or published for the first time. The journal brings together humans from different generations and backgrounds—artists, photographers, writers, directors, sculptors, architects. They have a free hand, both in form and content, to address a subject and build a narrative by producing a unique and original piece. Large format, bound like a book for annual publication, Magma is a rare object in an ever-faster paced society, providing us the opportunity to look, read, and collect.
bilingual edition (English / French)
sold out
The luxurious annual publication in large format Magma aims to return to the artistic, intellectual, and graphic standards of the avant-garde "revues d'art " from the previous century. The inaugural edition features 18 artists, and showcases over 80 original artworks and literary texts.

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