Published twice a year, Afterall, a journal of art, context and enquiry founded in 1998 by Charles Esche and Mark Lewis, offers in-depth analysis of contemporary artists' work, along with essays on art history and critical theory. Edited by Elisa Adami, Amanda Carneiro, Nav Haq, Mark Lewis, Adeena Mey, Charles Stankievech, and Chloe Ting, Afterall is published by Central Saint Martins in research and publishing partnership with M HKA, Antwerp; the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, University of Toronto; NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore; and in association with The University of Chicago Press.
Afterall - Out of Place
English edition
This double issue aims to provide an "out of placeness" by looking beyond Western-centricity to a transnational, pluralist horizon, exploring the new imaginaries created by artists and thinkers from the "Global South", from Brazil to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Afterall - Voicings
English edition
Issue 54 "Voicings" explores modes of being, perception and expression that have been historically and often violently disabled by society. Focusing on art practices that centre the perspective of D/deaf and non-verbal communicators, it proposes reconfigurations of voice, language and sound. It asks readers to tune into a chorus of voicings, not necessarily audible, but perceivable as "atmospheres", "vibrations", "rhythms".
Afterall - Medium/Metaphor/Milieu
English edition
Afterall #53 "Medium/Metaphor/Milieu" looks at the exhibitionary in and beyond exhibitions. Gathered through the notions of medium and milieu, it looks at a range of practices and modes of thinking that foreground the exhibitionary in concrete, spatial, architectural and experiential terms.
Afterall - New Politics
English edition
sold out
Afterall issue 52, entitled "New Politics", featuring: contextual essays by Natalia de la Rosa, Thomas (T.) Jean Lax, Pascal Gielen; Jonas Staal by Sven Lütticken, Jonas Staal by Kim West, Kapwani Kiwanga by Elvan Zabunyan, Aldo Tambellini by Hanna B. Hölling, Aldo Tambellini by Barrington Matthew, Feminist Art and Activism in South Korea by Hyeonjoo Kim...

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