Les Feuilles

Initiated by the "suspensive" artist Chloé Moglia, Les Feuilles is a magazine that seasonally welcomes the writings of authors and researchers around the idea and practice of suspension.
There are suspensions that are shared at arm's length, in the form of shows and performances, and others that are practiced with words to stay above the void. As we hang on, we can fall, melt, dive into ourselves and feel with more precision what is convoluted inside our matter.Les Feuilles presents suspension as a questioning of a feeling and a thought which, from the practice of hanging on lines, is anchored to words, images and sensations.

"Suspensive", artist and director of Rhizome, Chloé Moglia (born 1978 in Perpignan, France) finds in her relationship with the void a lever to embody her thoughts and awaken the intelligence of the body. She develops friendships with authors, philosophers, researchers and observes how these links produce a spidery weave conducive to activating a presence that comes close to being on the lookout, an unquiet and open being.
Les Feuilles – Revue suspensive
French edition
The "suspensive" artist Chloé Moglia invites authors and researchers to write with her, what the gesture of standing above the void generates as perceptions and thoughts. In this first issue of Feuilles (Leaves), through verticality, dizziness and risk, it is a question of strength and consideration.

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