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Greyzones Greyzones Nabuurs&VanDoorn - Greyzones
Entre livre d'artiste et monographie, Greyzones constitue une tentative de saisir la portée et l'ampleur du travail du duo d'artistes néerlandais Inge Nabuurs et Erwin van Doorn, en particulier de leur série Zwischenlandschaften développée depuis 2014.
Neither the term Zwischenlandschaften, nor the title Greyzones gives us anything concrete to hold on to, rather, they define the inexhaustible space-time in which the duo operates.
Greyzones, conceived and edited by the artists Nabuurs&VanDoorn, holds the middle between an artist's book and a art publication, it is part and parcel of the Zwischenlandschaften series—with a narrative of its own. The publication consists of interviews, conversations, with experts on the various themes addressed in each episode of the Zwischenlandschaften, often drawing the work into a particular strand of the art narrative. First readers, share their perspective on those conversations to add to the perspectives that within a landscape are indeed myriad, and highly individual. A visual narrative is carefully laid out by the artists weaves itself through the book.

« Zwischenlandschaften is an enigmatic multidimensional concept; an ever-shifting realm of meanings and references, and a versatile methodology with which the twoheaded artists collective Nabuurs&VanDoorn unearth hidden layers of meaning to (re-)construe a sense of the present. It is also the collective term and a blueprint for a series of complex multi-component works of the same title, numbered one to five so far. Each Zwischenlandschaften—plural as the complex constellations contain infinite in-between prospects and perspectives—physically consists of paper documents, projected text fragments, merged maps, charts and legends, scores and protocols, booklets, photography, video, and interactive game pieces; and is based on extensive archival research, embedded local investigations, performance, minimal interventions, dialogue and audience participation.
The duo are meticulous, studious observers and compulsive explorers constantly on the lookout for typical histories that trigger their imagination; alert artistic investigators dissecting historical events that lay dormant and unobserved in the present, linked to specific locations, which they perceive as in-between spaces, empty spaces, the spaces that go unnoticed.
Andrea Wiarda
Nabuurs&VanDoorn (Inge Nabuurs, née en 1972, et Erwin van Doorn, né en 1971) est un duo d'artistes basé à Eindhoven qui travaille avec différents mediums. Le travail de Nabuurs&VanDoorn thématise le passé caché, l'histoire de l'art, l'industrialisation, la migration et le patrimoine (im)matériel. Ils rendent visibles les lacunes actuelles à partir d'une compréhension du lieu, de l'environnement, des personnes et de la culture, de la nature et de l'environnement.
Edité par Inge Nabuurs et Erwin van Doorn.
Conversations avec Weiyi Chang, Maria Rey-Lamslag, John C. Welchman, Giulio Verago ; contributions de Laura Herman, Steven ten Thije, Marie de Brugerolle, Jeannette Bisschops, Oscar van den Boogaard ; préface by Andrea Wiarda.

Conception graphique : Ilse Meulendijks.
paru en mars 2024
édition anglaise
17 x 24 cm (broché)
144 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-32125-11-5
EAN : 9788832125115
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