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Andreas Samuelsson - Vases
A series of watercolor images of vases by the Swedish artist, printed in risography.
"Over time I have collected forms. Studied details and small shifts in lines and proportions. My interest in a unique object is endless. From an everyday object to a more advanced form that, at first glance, I hadn't thought of before. Communicating in forms is a big part of my life. It summarises words, feelings and impressions at the same time and gives the viewer the opportunity to think for himself. Although I basically prefer the simple, something happens in the meeting between more advanced and living forms and something stripped down when you put them together in a series. The living expression is highlighted next to the pared down." 
Andreas Samuelsson
Limited edition of 200 copies.
Andreas Samuelsson is a visual artist based in Göteborg, Sweden. Using cut paper collage mixed with watercolor and computer graphics in sharp colors, he works as an artist in a poetic graphic manner. His ideas tend to turn into geometric forms, stilistic symbols and handwritten letters. He has worked with most major publications in the world (New York Times, Spiegel, La Republica, Forbes, Apartamento etc) and with many famous international brands (Nike, Flos, Volvo, Apple, Kiehls, Aesop etc). With his seemingly stripped-down images, he makes the complicated simple and the simple a little more complicated by exploring, challenging and contrasting the representative, associative and concrete properties of line, surface and shape.
published in February 2024
no text
19,5 x 25,5 cm (broché)
24 pages (ill.)
sold out

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