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After the Moon

Sebastian Sabal-Bruce - After the Moon
The first monograph by New York-based Chilean photographer Sebastian Sabal-Bruce.
The essence of this publication is deeply rooted in Sebastian Sabal-Bruce's native land, Chile. Before settling in New York and focusing on fashion photography, Sebastian Sabal-Bruce shifted between continents and pursued studies in fine arts, theater and psychology. His multidisciplinary cultural background is pivotal to his artistic approach. He believes psychology particularly resonates with what he searches for in his subjects. Early on he realised that the fashion industry's portrayal of women did not match his own aesthetic. But rather than decline projects, he infused them with his own vision, revealing depth and telling a story with every subject.
After the Moon evolved gradually, standing both as a response to and a statement on the fashion industry. Sebastian Sabal-Bruce began collecting genuine moments captured within these staged settings. Faces, expressions, and landscapes that initially seemed out of place in their original context found profound significance within the imagery of After the Moon. The results are photographs that portray women who appear enigmatic and perpetually on a journey. His buildings and landscapes themselves are treated as characters, amplifying the emotional undertones. The interlaced portraits and landscapes have a narrative of their own, engaging in a visual dialogue throughout this remarkable book.
Sebastian Sabal-Bruce is a Chilean photographer and filmmaker based in New York. Born in Santiago de Chile, he started his carer in fashion photography in 2010 after graduating in Fine Arts and Theatre. Before that, he spent his whole life assisting his father who was a fine art and portrait photographer and getting the necessary sensibility from his mother who was a painter. Always attracted by including subjects in his work and using the lighting technics he'd learned in theater, he started to flirt with fashion photography. A cross-over that would give him a whole new world of possibilities and freedom to express his creativity. His photography is directly influenced by cinema, viewing the models as characters, adding emotion and strength to beauty. In 2015 and after several years working between Paris, Milan and Barcelona, Sebastian decided to move to New York were is currently based.
published in March 2024
English edition
20,5 x 25,7 cm (cloth binding)
116 pages (70 ill.)
ISBN : 978-88-6208-813-8
EAN : 9788862088138
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