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 - Generator
A perspective on the challenges related to training, professionalization, social rights and aesthetic and theoretical concerns of young artists, through the assessment of the activities of GENERATOR, a unique program of experimentation, professional training and international residency for curators.
With Aude Anquetil, Morgan Azaroff, Delphine Bertrand, Camille Bondon, Léa Bouttier, Claire Chassot, Maxence Chevreau, Charlotte Dalia, Rémi Duprat, Lucie Férézou, Aurélie Ferruel & Florentine Guédon, Léo Fourdrinier, Louis Frehring, Makiko Furuichi, Hilary Galbreaith, Florent Gilbert, Guillaume Gouerou, Kevin Hoarau, Brieg Huon, Louise Mervelet, Jean-Julien Ney, Nicolas Pesquier, Harilay Rabenjamina, Camille Tan, Lauren Tortil, Amalia Vargas, Victor Vialles, Mélanie Villemot.
Edited by Anne Langlois, Danièle Yvergniaux, Raphaël Brunel.
Texts by Tiphanie Blanc, Raphaël Brunel, Patrice Goasduff, Anne Langlois, Hélène Meisel, Danièle Yvergniaux.

Graphic design: Bizzarri-Rodriguez.

Published by 40mcube and École européenne supérieure d'art de Bretagne.
published in September 2022
French edition
19 x 13 cm (softcover)
412 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37022-039-4
EAN : 9782370220394
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