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Jean-Luc Parant – Un film de boules (DVD)
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Claire Glorieux Jean-Luc Parant Un film de boules (DVD)
Edited by Gilles Coudert.
Film by Claire Glorieux.
published in December 2018
French edition
DVD Digipack (DVD5 – PAL – MULTIZONE – AC3 Stereo – 16/9)
52' (1 film)
ISBN: 979-1-0914903-99
EAN: 9791091490399 / 3760083750267
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A film on poet and visual artist Jean-Luc Parant.
A graduate from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris and Le Fresnoy, Claire Glorieux (born 1983, lives and works in Paris) is a video artist, whose work focuses on language issues.