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Dictaphones (vinyl LP)
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Charles Pennequin Dictaphones (vinyl LP)
Mix and mastering by François Michaud.
published in November 2018
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Soberly entitled “Dictaphones”, this LP draws on twenty years of archives recorded by Charles Pennequin on mini-cassettes. Spontaneous recordings of his readings, unpublished solitary monologues, vocal and sound experiments, ambient sounds were selected and edited in the studio by the poet, and thought of as a global composition that goes through different registers and eras of his poetry.
Limited edition of 200 copies.
Charles Pennequin (born 1965 in Cambrai, France) is a writer and performer, an essential figure in French contemporary poetry.

See also Pascal Doury & Charles Pennequin; Jacques Sivan & Charles Pennequin; Georges Heintz, Anne-Sophie Kehr & Charles Pennequin; Les Chiens de la Casse (Charles Pennequin); L'armée noire (Charles Pennequin & Quentin Faucompré).