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Le chef-d’œuvre inconnu
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Gerhard Merz Le chef-d’œuvre inconnu
Co-edited by Richter Verlag and Le Printemps de septembre, Toulouse, France.

Text by Gertrude Stein.
published in 2005
text in English, German, French
21 x 30 cm
52 pages (3 leaflets, inserted pages)
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ISBN: 978-3-937572-43-7
EAN: 9783937572437
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For this luxurious artist's book (transparent cover and pages, leaflets, inserted pages), Gerhard Merz employs the notion of emptiness to evolve into an experiential reflection, as his allusive paintings and architecture are augmented by fragments of text.
Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition during the festival Printemps de septembre à Toulouse, France, 2005.
This book is available in 50 copies limited edition, signed by the artist.
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Born in 1947, Munich, the artist lives and works in Berlin and Pescia, Italy.
Since the late 60s, Gerhard Merz has been developing a concept of painting that is strongly influenced by Formalism and architectural Modernism - a concept he refers to as "archi-painting."