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The Art of Folding for Young and Old
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Luca Trevisani The Art of Folding for Young and Old
published in 2012
12 x 17 cm (softcover)
144 pages (color ill.)
ISBN: 978-88-97889-02-1
EAN: 9788897889021
out of print
Artist's book.
For his artist book project, The art of folding, for young and old, Luca Trevisani draws inspiration from a Chinese book of origami and paper folding, found in New York. His work consisted in scanning the entire book and then intervene on the new form of the book as scans. The result is a project in which old and new convey together in a perfect equilibrium and where the work of Trevisani is integrated with the book on origami's. The reader interacts with the work carefully looking at the pages in an attempt of finding the artist's intrusions.
Luca Trevisani (born 1979 in Verona, lives and works in Berlin and Bologna) is one of the young Italian artists who came to prominence at the international level. His research ranges between sculpture and video, and cross border disciplines such as performing arts, graphics, design, cinema of research or architecture.