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Stevie Guy & Peter Schuyff
Stevie Guy was born in Preston, UK in 1981 and left in 2000 to study Acting at the University of Manchester. After scoring some bit parts in sitcoms and dramas she joined pop/punk band, Y'r Impossible. The band lasted a tumultuous and successful five years. In 2009 she single handedly took over what had until then been The Woodward's three piece harmony section. In 2014 Stevie moved to Amsterdam to be a full time Woodward. She currently manages Peter Schuyff's studio.

A prominent member of the Neo-Geo movement, painter, sculptor and musician Peter Schuyff was born in Baarn, the Netherlands in 1958 and immigrated to Canada in 1966. He studied in Vancouver and then went, as was the custom, to New York. He has since exhibited internationally and prolifically. In 2005, after twenty years at the Chelsea Hotel, he moved back to the Netherlands. He lives and works in Amsterdam.

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English edition
Known for his extravagant neo-surrealist paintings, the Dutchman emigrated to New York Peter Schuyff is also a guitarist and singer. Illustrated with drawings by Eliane Gerrits, this book brings together the lyrics of the folk and psychedelic songs of the band The Woodwards, which he forms with the English singer Stevie Guy.