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Maurizio Nannucci
Born 1939, Maurizio Nannucci lives and works in Florence.
(external link: www.maurizionannucci.it)

English edition
Art centers, museums, galleries & varia
This publication documents around 50 years of Nannucci editions, artists' books, multiples, prints, catalogues, posters, ephemera—edited as artist & editor—from 1967 to 2016. It includes an anthology of essays, two index of works, by category and in chronological order, a bibliography and a biography.

bilingual edition (English / Italian)
A comprehensive monograph covering Nannucci's whole career and presenting a selection of his major projects.

English edition
Incertain Sens
Maurizio Nannucci documents, in the form of an artist's book, a collective action with his family and friends around the world, from Athens to Sydney through Beijing, that literally puts the art in question to better assert its omnipresence while providing a wide range of social interaction.