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Julieta Aranda, Anton Vidokle, Brian Kuan Wood
Editors' Note

Boris Groys
Politics of Installation

Hito Steyerl
Is a Museum a Factory?

Liam Gillick
Maybe it would be better if we worked in groups of three? Part Two: The Experimental Factory

Monika Szewczyk
Art of Conversation, Part Two

Luis Camnitzer
Art and Literacy

Raqs Media Collective
Stammer, Mumble, Sweat, Scrawl, and Tic

Sean Snyder
Disobedience in Byelorussia: Self-Interrogation on “Research-Based Art”

Tom Holert
Art in the Knowledge-Based Polis

Irit Rogoff

Dieter Roelstraete
The Way of the Shovel: On the Archeological Imaginary in Art

Marion von Osten
Architecture Without Architects—Another Anarchist Approach

Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza
Learning from Little Haiti

Also: Michael Baers in Rotterdam