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Some/things #05 – She Has No Strings Apollo (+ DVD)
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Pierre Gonnord / Myths

Šarūnas Bartas / The House

David Maisel / Gardens

Michael Nyman / Islington, Mexico

Naoya Hatakeyama 畠山直哉 / The Underground

Theo Angelopoulos / Ulysses' Gaze

Eleni Karaindrou / Wherever I Go Greece Keeps Wounding Me

Athina Kazolea & Alex Massavetas / Ethipioa My Black Byzantium

Rick Owens [PERFUME] The Smell Of Dying Lilies

Hans Danuser / Strangled Bodies

Mona Hatoum / Intertwined

Adel Al-Yousifi / Tarcrete / Kuwait Evidence 1991-2011

Michael Graham-Stewart & John Gow / Maori Portraits [1860-1900]

Carol Christian Poell / Squartter

Steve McCurry / Kuwait 1991

Steve McCurry / Portraits Of Men

Nora Renaud / The Charm Of Walking Along The Mysterious Path Of An Ideal

Lawrence Durrell / Mountolive

Dustin Edward Arnold & Nicholas Alan Cope / Putesco

David Maisel / The Forest

Kenro Izu 井津建郎 / Bhutan

Mote Sinabel モートシナベル青木 / Katsuya Kamo 加茂克也

Jacques & Adrien Dirand / The Stepwells

Juliaan Lampens / Architecture [1964-1974]

Max Richter / Horizon Variations

Paul Harnden / The Pattern Mill

Jonnine Standish & Nigel Yang / H T R K

Tom Kundig / Hot Rod

Guidi / The Guidi Tannery

Bernhard Edmaier / Like Mist The Solid Lands

Adalberto Giazotto / Crystallography