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As a Weasel Sucks Eggs – An Essay on Melancholy and Cannibalism
Daniel Birnbaum & Anders Olsson [see all titles]
Sternberg Press [see all titles] History, Criticism and Theory [see all titles]
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table of contents
I. Stavrogin's Bite

II. Black Bile
Classical Melancholy

III. Black Sun
Modern Melancholy

IV. The Melancholiac as Cannibal
Psychoanalysis at the Crossroads

V. Liberating Mania
Samuel Beckett and Thomas Bernhard

VI. The Hunger Artist
Franz Kafka

VII. Eclipse and the Tattered Little Wooden Box
Gunnar Ekelöf

VIII. The Sacrifice

IX. Speculative Communion

X. Antithesis
Roth / Giacometti

XI. To Suckle a Church Spire