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Jan Świdziński en contexte / W Kontekście / In Context (+ DVD)
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Jan Świdziński Jan Świdziński en contexte / W Kontekście / In Context (+ DVD)
Texts by Paul Ardenne, Bruce Barber, Brian Dyson, Richard Martel, Artur Tajber.
published in September 2015
trilingual edition (English / Polish / French)
19,5 x 22 cm (softcover)
160 pages (color & b/w ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-924298-12-1 / 978-83-941719-0-2
EAN: 9782924298121
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This trilingual publication dedicated to the Polish artist and theorist deceased in 2014 emphasize his essential contribution to action art by gathering previously unpublished articles from his friends and colleagues in the contemporary art world. The authors recount his ideas, career and influence. Photos, reproductions of the artist's original articles and a DVD all serve to enrich this publication.
“The present publication is primarily concerned with the relationship between Polish contextual art theorist Jan Świdziński and Le Lieu, centre en art actuel, as well as other collaborators in both Canada and Poland. The vast majority of Jan's publications in French were published by Éditions Intervention, and, after his death, we wanted to release something that would assemble both archives and testimonials from other theorists and friends that were close to him. We have gathered here the essentials regarding his ideas, points of views and involvement in artistic issues. We are also republishing his article on contextual art, based on the edition that was released by the Galeria Remont in Warsaw in 1977, with its original typeface and in three versions: Polish, English and, for the first time, a previously unreleased French translation. […] Photos of Jan (mostly in action) as well as enlightening quotations and extracts of archival video footage of his performances have been added to the present publication.”
Richard Martel

With an essay by Paul Ardenne on the relationship between the individual and the social; a text by Artur Tajber on his discussions with the contextual art theorist; Świdziński's origins and his relationships with Joseph Kosuth and contextual art, by Łukasz Guzek; a presentation of Świdziński's publications, by Brian Dyson; an account of Richard Martel and Świdziński's common trajectories; an introduction to Polish-Canadian artistic relations by Bruce Barber of Halifax.