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Les confessions
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Sophie Jodoin Les confessions
published in July 2019
French edition
14 x 10,5 cm (softcover)
98 pages (color ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-9814330-5-3
EAN: 9782981433053
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An artist's book that reflects Sophie Jodoin's ongoing preoccupation with the interaction of language with images.
While books act as raw material for the work, language functions as its mode of articulation. Through a series of feminine surnames, Les confessions chronicles a plural (her)story. As both declarations and silent testimonies, these multiple voices form a collective portrait, a rewriting of women's social and political bodies where the reader is invited to fill in the voids.
Sophie Jodoin is a visual artist based in Montreal. Her practice questions manifestations of femininity, intimacy, loss, absence, and language. Her research probes the plural identities of the body in relation to cultural, political, material, visual, and written tropes. The culmination of these investigations has led her to a more conceptual approach towards the body as a subject as well as drawing as a practice that unfolds through installation, collage, photography, text, video, and the re-contextualization of found objects.