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Constellations – Textes, matières, images
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Alexandre Mare Constellations Textes, matières, images
published in February 2019
French edition
14 x 21 cm (softcover)
376 pages
ISBN: 979-10-96911-16-5
EAN: 9791096911165
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An anthology of critical texts and essays on art and literature written and published by Alexandre Mare during the last ten years: Proust, Man Ray, Oppenheim and Crevel; Bataille, Rivière, Oates and Guyotat; Mallet-Stevens and Breuer; Schulz and von Stroheim; Mansour, Hugnet, Caillois and Duprat; Pynchon, Exley, Robbins, Huncke and Kerouac&hellip

Alexandre Mare is a French literary critic interested in avant-gardes and contemporary art, and also a curator.