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A Palm Tree Bows To The Moon
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Ayla Hibri A Palm Tree Bows To The Moon
Graphic design: Studio Mathieu Meyer.
published in December 2018
English edition
19,5 x 26,5 cm (hardcover)
146 (b/w ill.)
ISBN: 978-614-8035-20-3
EAN: 9786148035203
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60 black and white photos taken in Lebanon, accompanied by poems by the artist.
In the book, “A Palm Tree Bows to The Moon”, the photographer accompanies an invented persona going through different life stages. She witnesses it's confrontations with the ego, shadow, and its own mortality as it journeys in search of inner wholeness. In parallel, the book juxtaposes photographs stripped down to archetypes, events and motifs that serve to organise, direct and inform the spirit in its process of transformation.
As such, Hibri shows us that by tuning in to the universe’s interventions, patterns and synchronicities, and perceiving them as carriers of symbolic markers, we can be alerted to the mysterious which hides in plain sight and create order from the chaos we exist in. These phenomenas have meanings which can stretch from the mundane to the cosmic, by virtue of the imagination of the beholder.
Proposed is a way of looking that unveils the interconnectedness of what is visible and invisible, of the conscious and unconscious in relation to the self and the environment it dwells in.
Born 1987, Lebanese photographer Ayla Hibri lives and works in Beirut.