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Celebrity Cafe #03 – Outro / Autre
Augusto de Campos [see all titles]
Celebrity Cafe [see all issues]
Augusto de Campos Celebrity Cafe Outro / Autre
published in January 2019
bilingual edition (texts in French and Portuguese)
17 x 22 cm (softcover)
80 pages (color ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-37896-038-4
EAN: 9782378960384
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Special issue dedicated to Brazilian poet Augusto de Campos.
Edited by Jacques Donguy, Sarah Cassenti and Jean-François Bory, Celebrity Cafe is a literary journal, in the artistic sense of the term, anchoring the contemporary creation in the avant-gardes of the early XXth century.
Born 1931 in São Paulo, Augusto de Campos is, with his brother Haroldo, one of the founders of the concrete poetry movement in Brazil. He is also a translator, music critic and visual artist. From 1980 Augusto de Campos has worked intensively with new media and has presented his poems in the form of video-texts, neon lights, electrical panels, holograms, laser lights, infographics and multimedia elements.

See also Haroldo de Campos; Jacques Donguy: Poésies expérimentales – Zone numérique (1953-2007).