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Espace(s) #02 – A l’épreuve de la correspondance
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  Espace(s) A l’épreuve de la correspondance
Texts by Gérard Azoulay, Daniel Cabanis, Eric Pistouley, Eugène, Paul Fournel, Jean-Bernard Pouy, Noëlle Revaz, Fabrice Colin, Marie-Claire Dewarrat, Thomas Gunzig, Bernard Montabo, Jean-Michel Espitallier, Jacques Izoart, Hervé Le Tellier, Jean-Louis Lippert, Claude Darbellay, Nathalie Quintane, Patrice Delbourg, Patrick Delperdange, Anne-Lise Grobéty, Marc Petit.
published in March 2006
French edition
16 x 25 cm (softcover)
160 pages (ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-85440-000-7
EAN: 9782854400007
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20 epistolary short stories highlighting the spatial dimension of a specific word.
The review Espace(s) was founded in 2004 by the French Space Agency (CNES). Self-defined as a laboratory notebook, Espace(s) aims to gather the art, literary and scientific worlds through the exploration of a theme linked to outer space. The review includes a large iconography and visual contributions by contemporary artists.