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Nouveaux Commanditaires en Bourgogne
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Xavier Douroux Nouveaux Commanditaires en Bourgogne
Texts by Xavier Douroux; interview between Xavier Douroux and Anne Pontégnie.
published in 2004
French edition
27,5 x 24 cm (softcover)
192 pages (colour illustrations)
ISBN: 978-2-84066-137-5
EAN: 9782840661375
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A retrospective of 10 years of creation resulting from the association of international contemporary artists and commissions for public works by a surprising variety of communities throughout Burgundy, France. Under the guidance of Xavier Douroux, these projects bring to light the possibility of effective social transformation through artistic sensitivity (www.nouveauxcommanditaires.org).
Works by Vito Acconci, John Armleder, Shigeru Ban, Patrick Berger, Christian Boltanski, Angela Bulloch, Balthasar Burkhard, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Marc Couturier, Gloria Friedmann, Liam Gillick, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Peter Halley, Sarah Jones, Véronique Joumard, Annette Messager, Marc Mimran, Olivier Mosset, Jorge Pardo, Philippe Parreno, Alain Séchas, Bruno Serralongue, Adelfo Scaranello, Felice Varini, Michel Verjux, Didier Vermeiren, Jacques Vieille, Yan Pei-Ming, Rémy Zaugg...

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Xavier Douroux (1956-2017) is the co-founder of Les presses du réel and Le Consortium, art centre of Dijon.

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