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Construction de distance
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Didier Vermeiren Construction de distance
Edited by Didier Vermeiren and Elsa Cayo.
Text by Michel Gauthier.
published in November 2017
bilingual edition (English / French)
24 x 31 cm (hardcover)
176 pages (color ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-906127-52-4
EAN: 9782906127524
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Monographic catalogue presenting a series of sculptures and a set of photographs by the Belgian artist. The two media enter in close dialogue with each other, thus exploring the potentialities of image and space. With a text by Michel Gauthier.
Published on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition at Frac Bretagne, Rennes, from January 14 to April 23, 2017.
Didier Vermeiren (born 1951 in Brussels, where he lives and works) belongs to a generation of artists who, since the 1970s, has been drawing on the legacy of conceptual art and minimalism. Vermeiren has been occupied with the history and specific nature of sculpture since the 1970s, more specifically the plinth. The fraught relationship between sculpture and pedestal is often viewed as a metaphor for the correlation of sculpture and reality—with Vermeiren subscribing to Brancusi's belief that the plinth is integral to the work.