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Dé-finitions/méthodes – 1973-2016
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Claude Rutault Dé-finitions/méthodes 1973-2016
published in October 2016
French edition
20,5 x 25 cm (softcover)
864 pages
ISBN: 978-2-940159-68-0
EAN: 9782940159680
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Collection of 657 “definitions/methods”—the emblematic pictorial statements first created by Claude Rutault in 1973.
Since 1973, Claude Rutault (born 1941 in Trois Moutiers, lives and works in Vaucresson, France) uses a simple method to create new artworks, using statements which he calls “definitions/methods”, later abbreviated to “d/m”, then, more recently “dm”. A definition/method is a text, describing a procedure that makes it possible to realize a painting by the artist. Using the original statement: “a canvas, stretched on a frame, painted the same colour as the wall on which it is hung”, Claude Rutault has produced a large body of written work which argue for the specific nature of painting through an analysis of its materiality, its history and its different functions.

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