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Alain Séchas Arty Charade
published in September 2016
French edition
12,5 x 21 cm (softcover, dust jacket)
48 pages (duotone)
ISBN: 978-2-37229-017-3
EAN: 9782372290173
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A set of charades invented by Alain Séchas and illustrated with original drawings.
Alain Séchas questions the role of art and how it can take place in life. He ironically illustrates the contemporary world and the humans' quirks using his famous cats, familiar figures with their anthropomorphic appearance. For Arty Charade, he creates drawings and charades, evoking by the way his reference artists (Cézanne, Léger, Marquet...) and the works which forms his personal history of art. Each page of this book imbued with humor, illustrates by an unreleased picture, offers to the reader both a reflection on contemporary art and a discovery of Séchas' world. A light writing appealing to play and culture.
Also available in a limited edition with an original artwork signed by the artist.