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Edited by Susanne Bürner.
Contributions by Anne-Sophie Dinant, Doreen Mende, Tina Hedwig Kaiser, Erika Fischer-Lichte, Roger Turner.

Graphic design: Daniela Burger.
published in February 2011
English edition
21 x 27,5 cm (folder)
18 loose sheets (duotone)
ISBN: 978-2-940409-38-9
EAN: 9782940409389
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A loose-leaf artist's book working as an extension and exegesis of Bürner's film Leaves.
Leaves was shot in a public park in London. The video shows a meadow surrounded by trees as its theatrical protagonist. Susanne Bürner has conceived a publication of loose leaves in the nature of this spectacle. The publication provides reference material shifting between different formats, between, painting, film and landscape.
Born 1970 in Ellwangen (Germany), Suzanne Bürner lives and works in Berlin.