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Celebrity Cafe #02
Celebrity Cafe [see all issues]
  Celebrity Cafe
published in January 2016
French edition
17 x 22 cm (softcover)
416 pages (ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-95377-481-8
EAN: 9782953774818
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Experimental poetry, historical avant-garde, contemporary music, dance, visual arts, intermedia.
Featuring: Wlademir Dias­Pino, Takahashi Shohachiro, Raoul Hausmann, Pablo Gyori, Gyula Kosice, Fernando Millán, Ezra Pound and Kitasono Katué, Bernard Aubertin, Linea Sud, Walter Benjamin, Eduardo Kac and the Brazilian Porn Art Movement in the 80's, Sarah Cassenti and Hélène Defilippi, Jeffrey Louis-Reed, Jacques Donguy, Manfred Mohr, Bio Art, Philippe Boisnard, HP Process, Jean-Noël Orengo...
Edited by Jacques Donguy, Sarah Cassenti and Jean-François Bory, Celebrity Cafe is a literary journal, in the artistic sense of the term, anchoring the contemporary creation in the avant-gardes of the early XXth century.