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Périmètre étendu
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Delphine Coindet Périmètre étendu
Texts by Maëla Bescond, Maëva Blandin, Fabrizia Carabelli, Cloé De Ryck, Jeanne Gaudin, Sébastien Martins, Maria Rabbé, Lauriane Pastre, Léna Patier, Barbara Porcher, Marion Sarrazin, Blandine Tuffier.
published in December 2013
French edition
13 x 18,3 cm (softcover)
72 pages (ill.)
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ISBN: 978-2-9520043-0-5
EAN: 9782952004305
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Catalogue / artist's book.
Delphine Coindet's Périmètre étendu is a project carried out by the students of the Master degree of curatorial practice “Métiers et Arts de l'Exposition” of Rennes 2 University in 2011/12. An exhibition, a cycle of 7 events spread-out in time and space, associated with powers and guests from various disciplinary fields, and with colors and forms that are the components used here to imagine a “social utopia.” This publication is an archive explaining how was played this exhibition game.
Born in 1969, Delphine Coindet lives and works in Paris.