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Views on Views on Decameron
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Jorinde Voigt Views on Views on Decameron
Text by Peter Lang.
published in 2012
Bilingual edition (English / Italian)
25 x 36 cm (hardcover)
40 pages (ill.)
ISBN: 978-88-97889-06-9
EAN: 9788897889069
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Atist's book.
In the book “Vies on Views of Decameron” the German artist Jorinde Voigt explores the relationship between text and image, addressing the literary and visual culture of Italy. Her source of inspiration was the novel “Decameron” by Boccaccio. In the series Jorinde Voigt develops a double vision procedure (views on views), resulting from a process of perception of a number of visual documents inspired by Boccaccio's tales. The double vision is the result of a process that starts from the text and, through the gaze of old masters allows the artist to develop her own vision. The book includes a text by Peter Lang.
Born 1977 born in Frankfurt am Main, Jorinde Voigt lives and works in Berlin.