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Marco Raparelli Permafrost
published in 2012
English edition
14,5 x 20 cm (softcover)
196 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN: 978-88-905239-9-1
EAN: 9788890523991
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This artist's book, of about 180 plates, portrays a collectivity, gathered in its different human manifestations, in the infinite variety of the characters and typologies that only apparently seem fantastical characters. They aren't caricatures but rather an unbiased representation of a society hovering between reality and sarcastic representation, between pretence and disconcerting truth. 
Permafrost, the artist's book by Marco Raparelli, is divided into four chapters in which texts and drawings dialogue with the reader ironically illustrating some rules related to the etiquette in social relationships, the dynamics, places and people of the art system, and the phases of an experiment concerning the use of LSD. Leafing through the book, similar to a scrapbook, the reader is completely absorbed within a two-dimensional and monochrome world, up to the last page, through which one can return to the rest of his/her own life.
Born 1975 in Rome, Marco Raparelli lives and works in Rome.