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Djamel Tatah Carnet de notes
Graphic design by Djamel Tatah.
published in April 2012
French edition
12,5 x 21 cm (softcover, dust jacket)
48 pages (color ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-916067-67-4
EAN: 9782916067674
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Djamel Tatah's notebook (photos, texts and drawings).
This notebook is constituted from the extraction of photographs, drawings, archived documents and press articles gathered in the artist's database. It reveals the complexity of a way to draw and compose his paintings.
This book is available in a limited edition accompanied by an original artwork signed by the artist.
Djamel Tatah (born 1959 in Saint-Chamond, france, lives and works in Burgundy) develops his creation device from ancient pictorial techniques—wax painting—photography and digital drawing. With a breathtaking technical virtuosity and a simplicity of design, he opts for figures repetition, as an abstract experience of the contemporary man's representation.