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Texts by Philippe Parreno, F. Roche, Pierre Huyghe, S. Nasar, B. Bürgi, J-C Massera...
Co-edition Le Consortium ; Secession, Vienne ; Kunsthalle, Zurich ; Kunstmuseum, Munich.
published in 1999
bilingual edition (English / French)
200 pages (200 colour & 80 b/w illustrations)
out of print
The photographs, videos and installations produced by Pierre Huyghe (born 1962 in Paris, where he lives and works) question the conditions of representing reality and the shifts of meaning they give rise to. By using the aesthetics of an underrated daily round, the artists suggests the limits of our knowledge, based restrictively on the interpretation of the world. Situated somewhere between reality and make-believe, and steeped in the cinematographic world (repeats, remakes, and so on), his videos lead the viewer to question his own vision of the things surrounding him, and his relation to collective memory.

See also: Pierre Huyghe & Douglas Coupland.