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Lectures Maison Rouge
French edition
A both intimate and political account of the links between artistic practices and activism during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s in France and the United States—featuring monographic texts, interviews, and thematic essays.

French edition
French artist Jean Dubuffet and French art historian Hubert Damisch shared a long friendship between 1961—the year Damisch published his first essay on Dubuffet—and 1985—when the latter died. Entrée en matière gathers together all the texts written by Damisch on Dubuffet as well as a selection of their correspondence.

French edition
The never-before-published selection of Carlo Scarpa's writings and illustrations (photographs, architectural plans, sketches, etc.): an invaluable tool to understanding exhibition history and the importance of the architectural conception of exhibitions.

French edition
A polyphonic self-portrait.

French edition
Writings and interviews.

French edition
Deciphering Duchamp.

French edition
Inside the white cube.