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Song Cycle Records (18 titles)

Song Cycle is a London-based independent record label founded in 2015. Specialising in limited edition on vinyl, Song Cycle is run by a team of established professionals with years of experience in both the music industry and the contemporary art world. Song Cycle focuses on electronic, experimental, and avant-garde music and film scores, devoting special attention to the relationships between sound, contemporary art, and cinema.
The label's releases are primarily oriented toward two different, but profoundly connected paths:
– The reissue of modern and contemporary music. This may include exclusive box sets dedicated to a musician or celebrating an important label as well re-pressed books in special formats to support the releases;
– Original projects developed in collaboration with musicians or sound and visual artists who work with sound and/or moving images. The label works closely with artists to realise specific projects in limited edition.
In August 1979, East German musicians were invited to perform a three-day festival in West Berlin. Billed as “Jazz Now,” this landmark meeting was recorded and initially released by Free Music Production. From stunning duos to challenging small-group performances, from large rave-ups to Mingus nods, Snap- shot” provides much more than that name suggests. It's as complete a portrait of jazz in the GDR as you're ever likely to find, and a moment in time that continues to reverberate—via these sounds—today.

Powerful instrumental music performed by Robert Rauschenberg, Kat Epple, and Bob Stohl on electronics, and a series of musical metal sculptures called Strategic Structures.

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Michael Snow's The Last LP is an extraordinary collection of tracks “of rare music derived from threatened, obsolete, or now-extinct cultures from around the world” that although the claiming of being field recordings of ancient musical experiences, are in fact pieces played, conceived and recorded by the artist himself.

Originally published in 1983 by Maurizio Nannucci, this collection gathers a careful selection of audio works by American body artist and conceptual artist Terry Fox, also a pioneer of sound art.

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Collector's edition box set including the soundtrack realised by the great Russian composer Edward Artemiev for the Andrey Tarkovsky's masterpiece film Solaris (1972). The box comes with the soundtrack in the vinyl and CD formats, an exclusive luxurious photo book with unreleased images of the movie set and essays about music and cinema of the duo Artemiev/Tarkovsky, and the Blu-ray version of the film, in original language with English subtitles.

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Originally resealed in 1975, Poesia Sonora is one of the first international compilation of sound poetry. Edited by Maurizio Nannucci, the anthology gathers pieces by some of the most important pioneers of the Sound Poetry movement: Bob Cobbing, François Dufrêne, Henri Chopin, Ernst Jandl, Franz Mon, Arthur Petronio, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Brion Gysin, Bernard Heidsieck, Sten Hanson, and Paul De Vree.

Original motion picture soundtrack by Schneider TM for Omer Fast's acclaimed first feature film Remainder. A heuristic creative approach characterised the collaboration between Omer Fast and Schneider TM, where music and images beautifully intertwined in a compelling sonic structure.

A collection of rare free-jazz pieces performed by John Zorn and selected by the American guitarist and music critic Eugene Chadbourne. Originally released in 1998 to accompany the book release Sonora: John Zorn, the album is presented here for the first time in an exclusive release in limited edition on vinyl. This special issue includes the original book that features exclusive interviews, essays and photos about the artist’s entire oeuvre up to 1988.

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A two-record album of 21 original sound works by artists who exhibited at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York—including Eleanor Antin, Joseph Beuys, Chris Burden, Terry Fox, William Burroughs…

Originally released in 1979 on the experimental label Cramps, I Fiori del Sole is a composition for organ and piano by the Italian duo Michele Fedrigotti and Danilo Lorenzini. This is the first vinyl reissue ever.

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A collection of sound works by Fluxus artists and affiliates (with Walter Marchetti, Juan Hidalgo, La Monte Young, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, Milan Knižák, Robert Filliou, Alison Knowles, Emmett Williams, John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono, Dick Higgins, Philip Corner, Eric Andersen, Robert Watts, Nam June Paik, and Ken Friedman).

This recording brings together two pioneers in their respective fields, sound artist Christina Kubisch and video artist Fabrizio Plessi. Two and two is the outcome of a Fluxus-oriented multimedia performance inspired by the natural elements.

Originally released by Multhipla Records, The Entire Musical Work of Marcel Duchamp is a collection of experimental pieces composed in 1913 by the legendary artist, and executed by Petr Kotik and the S.E.M. Ensemble in 1976.
Employing chance operations and non-musical sounds, Marcel Duchamp's musical oeuvre predated some radical concepts developed forty years later by John Cage.

A cosmopolitan post-punk compilation album, originally released in October 1985 on LTM Recordings. Featuring tracks by Section 25, The Anti-Group, Minny Pops, Tuxedomoon, Mazowsze, Eric Random, Dislocation Dance, The Happy Family, Crispy Ambulance, and A Primary Industry. With liner notes by LTM manager James Nice.

A cosmopolitan post-punk compilation album, originally released in October 1985 on LTM Recordings. Featuring tracks by Section 25, The Anti-Group, Minny Pops, Tuxedomoon, Mazowsze, Eric Random, Dislocation Dance, The Happy Family, Crispy Ambulance, and A Primary Industry. With liner notes by LTM manager James Nice.

First reissue ever of one of the holy grail LP from the vault of the amazing Italian library music label Octopus. Originally released in 1973, Climax is a killer studio session by Amedeo Minghi, Piero Montanari and Roberto Conrado. An incredible collection of psych jazz funk tunes with crazy moog sounds, violent drums and deep bass. Ultra rare, hard to find item finally available again.

A stunning collection of quiet and soft piano pieces by the legendary German keyboardist Hans-Joachim Roedelius co-founder of seminal krautrock bands as Cluster and Harmonia. Inspired by the monumental work of Erik Satie, the album was originally released in 1991, and is recommended for fans of Max Richter, Goldmund and Sylvain Chauveau. This first vinyl complete reissue contains the bonus track In Der Dämmerung.

A collection of musical works from the seventies by the Canadian multidisciplinary artist.