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Corvo Records (11 titles)

Corvo Records is an artist run, independent vinyl label for contemporary music. It is based in Berlin, Germany.
Borromean Rings is a graphic score for double bass and microtonal F tuba, composed for the duo Reidemeister Move by Robin Hayward.

bilingual edition (English / Italian)
Alessandra Eramo (Ezramo) talks about growing up in Tarano, a city shaped by Catholicism and superstition, by industrial pollution and the ancient tradition of mussel farming. Includes link to the audio files of the sound installation Se Dio Vuole.

A lively improvisation lead by a quartet of instrumentalists blending drone and chamber music.

This composition by Alessandra Eramo shows for the first time a vocal interpretation of eight onomatopoetic words from the Manifesto of Futurist Music The Art of Noises by Luigi Russolo, between sound poetry and noise.

A suite of powerful prepared piano music, inspired by the saga of the Percht, a female pagan godess, which appears on midwinter and whose origins reach back to the Stone Age, still present in the very remote mountain areas of the Austrian Alps. This composition speaks a unique sonic language, distinctively and complex, a multilayered piece of art without any electronic treatments or overdubs.

Special one-sided recording with a visible spiral loop on Side B by turntable-music performer Dieb 13.

Waterkil is a singular sound creation starring Axel Dörner on trumpet & Jassem Hindi on electronics. The recordings for this album were made during a three week residency at EMS in Stockholm and during a live show at Able gallery in Berlin.

The album Living Theory Without Anecdotes conflates Nicolas Wiese's acousmatic compositions from the years 2009-2011. All four tracks are constructed out of samples from acoustic instrument and object recordings, and are characterized by floating structures allowing slow crescendos and little disruptions.

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Thorsten Soltau musical cut-up piece Grün wie Milch stands alongside Preslav Literary School's drone tragedy Alamut in this wonderfully designed split album.

Italian-German artist Ezramo (Alessandra Eramo) recorded the sounds of larvae during their transformation into flies. Trough rough, sub-real field recordings, she explores, interprets and lyrically re-invents the concept of metamorphosis.

The work of these musicians and performers from Germany, Italy, France, and USA is settled between weird Pop, avant-trash, free improvised music, Mediterranean folklore and noise drones. A creation of unique and exciting experiences by artists coming from different social and musical backgrounds.