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Sputnik (14 titles)

Sputnik Editions is an independent publisher of art publications based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The though behind Sputnik Editions lies in the idea that an art project—an action or a perception of the world—is in need of an embodiment in the form of a book, which acts as a solid that one can physically touch and grasp the work. A book that is a lucid, lasting object, which can be the inception of an art piece, as well as an object placed within an exhibition space, or an object arising as a result of an exhibition. The publications present the evolution of ideas, which develop within the realms of the amt_project and artists connected with the gallery.
English edition
The family archives of Július Koller's collaborator and loving partner Květa Fulierová (artist's book).

English edition
An ornithology guide which reconciles Mythology with scientific soundness (artist's book).

bilingual edition (English / Slovak)
The everyday as an artistic act: a look back at the artistic and romantic relationship between Július Koller and Květa Fulierová through a series of personal belongings and documents (artist's book).

bilingual edition (English / Turkish)
This 3.5 meters-wide artist's book documents and extends a multifaceted installation by artist Andreas Fogarasi—at once a panoramic view of Istanbul, a public platform, a dysfunctional look-out and a touristic attraction.

English edition
An overview of works from 2000 to 2012 by Slovak artist Petra Feriancová.

English edition
This publication is dedicated to the romantic conceptualization, in Július Koller's work, of his lover and partner Květa Fulierová (artist's book).

English edition
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Artist's book gathering a selection of outstanding photographic strips that capture the subtle beauty of ephemera. The use of black and white strengthens the contemplative essence of the photographs, in between naturalism and abstraction.

English edition
The works of Martin Vongrej integrate lights, reflection, transparency, geometric forms and esoteric patterns. 2013 is his first monograph.

Czech edition
A literary piece considered to be a central written in Stratil's body of work, Životopis (biography) is a poetic discourse reflecting the artist's inner spirituality and lifelong contemplation of his self and its versatility. This edition is illustrated with a series of self-portraits, both paintings and photographs.

English edition
This artist's book takes a look back at ten years of works by Czech performer Vladimir Havlík and offers a powerful reflection on the influence of formats in our reception of photographic images.

bilingual edition (English / German)
These books are based on two different projects led by the artist during a site-specific exhibition at a gallery in Weikendorf, a little town in Lower Austria. For the first, she invited the local community to bring her photographs that would describe their lives in Weikendorf and exhibited it. The second project includes a black and white photographic installation playing on the reflections of an old fire station.

English edition
A collection of photographic archives documenting ornithology experiments (artist's book).

bilingual edition (English / Italian)
A miniaturized visual inventory of the ordinary (artist's book).

English edition
Artist's book.