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United Dead Artists (73 titles)

Founded in 2010 by French drawer and artist Stéphane Blanquet, a prolific figure in the contemporary art scene since the end of the 1980's, United Dead Artists publishes monographs, magazines, and art objects.
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The Japanese master's new large-format artist's book: a graphic hallucination on 40 pages of Bichrocolor collage drawings.

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Blanquet's new notebook of fantastic and phantasmagorical drawings, in red ink mixed with green.

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United Dead Artists' giant graphic tabloïd #14, featuring Boris Pramatarov, Stéphanie Sautenet, Sandra Ghosn, Ana Prr Prr & Nils Bertho, Reinhard Scheibner, Keiichi Tanaami, Jessica Rispal, Chloé Poizat, Marine Perraudin, Zélie Doffémont, Damien Deroubaix.

bilingual edition (English / French)
This graphic anthology is dedicated to Elvifrance, the scandalous French publisher of erotic comic books whose catalogue was under the fierce scrutiny of French censorship authorities from the 1970s to the 1990s. The publication takes a look back at this infamous history through many unpublished archives and a wide selection of covers. It also features an ensemble of covers revisited by some forty contemporary graphic artists.

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Special issue featuring prints deriving from carved foam. Produced in collaboration with the illustrator Valfret's workshop.

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A tiny notebook of fantastic and phantasmagorical drawings, in red ink mixed with blue.

French edition
Journal designed by Laurent Lolmède.

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This publication explores the fascinating world of Franco-Swedish artist Rebecka Tollens: Inspired by her own dreams, these lead pencil drawings conjure a troubled atmosphere intermingling themes of Nordic mysticism, sorority and childhood. The publication highlights a series devoted to the Sami people from the Far North.

French edition

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Set in a grotesque and colorful decorum, the new kaleidoscopic visions of Keiichi Tanaami intertwine the obsessional patterns of the great Japanese master—eyes, military aircraft, eroticized flesh, and pop culture icons.

French edition
The new edition of a 1972 publication gathering a series of drawings and texts by Roland Topor in collaboration with his five-year-old son Nicolas.

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French illustrator Julien Brunet adopts the chiaroscuro style and the pointillist technique to create lascivious nudes of monstrous figures, evolving in a background of floral and organic patterns. His first monograph gathers a series of 36 ink drawings produced between 2010 and 2016.

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Bad dreams and ancestral fears play the leading roles in this first monograph rooted in darkness.

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Collage-book from vintage strip-tease magazines.

Special issue published to celebrate the 22nd edition of L'Étrange festival—dedicated to the strangest and most provocative cinema.

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The graphic tabloïd's brand new issue—for the first time in full color.

Caroline Sury's latest work: a series of phantasmagoric shadows cut out of black paper in a very refined mirror game.

Christelle Enault's last series: Voodoo priestesses cover their face with cartoon masks and lead ritual ceremonies where female creatures and priapic shapes perform erotic gestures in a poisonous and seminal environment. Yet, the delicate pencil line of the Parisian artist delivers a puzzling feeling of softness.

This series of debauchery scenes between degenerative monsters and humans set in a nightmarish decorum of bloodied corpses, exposed organs, feces, secretions, and cabalistic signs constitute the new hellish visions of Kasahara.

A new drug on the market: an illustrated kaleidoscopic trip by Arnaud Loumeau.

Disembodied girls and sadistic imagery: the nightmarish and disturbing universe of The Pit. Perfect, graphically speaking.

Jérôme Zonder's drawings in large format.

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With Grotesque female creatures, atomic lightbeams, skulls, Pop monsters and ukiyo-e decoration... These polychromic hallucinations of a Master of Psychedelic art were inspired by a near-death experience.

Marc Brunier-Mestas' engravings portray a dark universe where death lurks on each scenes. Skeletons lead a macabre dance in a gloomy yet erotic and sometimes jocular atmosphere.

A collection of blue & red ballpoint pen artworks divided in op art-like geometric abstractions and cartoon figures.

Revisiting the diorama tradition, Souffle d'écho stages a a cartoon-style peep-show of erotic scenes set in a chimeric three-dimensional vaginal cavity. An exhibition booklet and an audio link complete this edition.

A series of surgical experiments on creatures with genetic disorders resulting from a hypothetical interbreeding between aliens and humans: a crude transhumanist nightmare by Wataru Kasahara.

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This extra large square format publication gathers 180 portraits of disreputable creatures by 180 artists... (United Dead Artists' exhibition catalogue).

Anne van der Linden's drawings and paintings from 2008 to 2014.

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La Tranchée Racine's new special issue (12 pages / 12 authors).

A fragmented & paranoïac narrative starring psychic murders and Disney's character Pete.

Variations on the theme of masculine desire: three short comic stories from Ebisu's off-the-wall universe.

bilingual edition (Japanese + translation booklet in French)
“Romance” mûre is a dark cartoon influenced by various elements of Japanese folklore (supernatural creatures, samurai), J-Horror and Otaku countercultures, art brut and collage. The strips are invaded by coral and plant forms and depict a world of young schoolgirls struggling with monsters, rotten or decapitated bodies, ghosts...

The main characters in Frenchy Steel are anthropomorphic glamrock frogs plunged into a teenage fantasy drawn with mastery and uninhibition. An urban & psychedelic Heroic fantasy penned with great details by Jurictus.

The King Size graphic newspaper's seventh's issue. With a back cover illustration by Pyon. Four out of four September issues.

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La Tranchée Racine's sixth issue. With a back cover illustration by Amandine Urruty. Third out of four September issues.

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The fifth delivery of the graphic tabloïd restricted to a mature audience. Second out of four September issues.

Naked, hooded men on a boat, a topless woman, a little boy with a cigarette and other visual disturbances in Tranchée Racine's fourth issue. First out of four September issues.

A series of ink drawings depicting a sordid cast of characters, men, women, “she-male” and demons indulging in debauchery.

English edition
The unpublished early drawings of underground comics legend Rory Hayes mixing horror and psychedelia.

Blanquet's works refer to a closed universe, a claustrophobic place with no blank space which requires a careful observation to appreciate the many sardonic & pathetic details (exhibition catalogue).

bilingual edition (English / French)
182 nude self-portraits in basement.

The naive & enchanting paper-cut art of Jad Fair.

Gunnar Lundkvist's depressed cat Klas Katt plunged into the universe of Swiss artist Helge Reumann.

Geometric Pop illustrations field with bad boys and blue women: welcome to the acid and colorful world of Camille Lavaud (first publication).

An illustrated walk in the streets of Paris within an abundant and motley crowd. Expressive bodies are moving and intersecting—they seem to tangle and then fade into the background.

Big size coloring book for adults.

Loulou Picasso's paintings about childhood and adolescence.

Aurélie William-Levaux's colorful embroidery immerse us in a world of poetry and tender eroticism. A dreamlike work that covers a soft feeling of lightness with an emphatic feminist aspect.

English edition
A selection of comics and paintings by legendary cartoonist Gary Panter. Including unpublished works from the Jimbo and William & Percy series as well as Smoke Wagon's complete comic strips, Panter's collaboration with Marvel comics on Omega the Unknown, and sketchbooks from 1979 and 2009.

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