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David Claerbout
The works of Belgian artist David Claerbout (*1969) are marked by an interrogation of time as an artistic medium. Inspired both by phenomenology and by Gilles Deleuze's writings on the image and cinema (“The Time-Image” and “The Movement-Image,” 1983), he has developed a kind of “photography in movement,” a “still movement,” into which he introduces narrative elements.
Navigating between the still and the moving image, between photographic and digital techniques, Claerbout produces works that are not easy to “consume”: looking at his work means spending enough time waiting for things to happen—an experience of duration which provides the viewer both the conditions and the desire to re-think what narration and story-telling can be in face of the image and its current technologies.

See also Thierry Davila: Shadow Pieces (David Claerbout).

bilingual edition (English / German)
Sternberg Press
This publication documents the first iteration of Belgian artist David Claerbout's project Olympia, a digital simulation of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

French edition
€40.00 €25.00
Reference monograph (available in English edition).

English edition
The artistís first comprehensive monograph, with specially commissioned essays, as well as numerous reproductions and, for the first time, the preparatory drawings for the films and installations.