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Oskar Panizza / My Cat Is An Alien
Oskar Panizza (1853-1921) is a German writer and poet, known for his play The Love Council.

My Cat Is An Alien is the world-renowned outsider duo of radical, experimental instantaneous composers and intermedia artists formed by brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio in early 1998. They started their activity in Torino, Italy, before moving in a remote, secret region of the Western Alps. MCIAA is a single intermedia entity that acts through music, shamanic live audiovisual performance, painting and drawing, art design, photography, “cinematic poetry” films & videos, installation, writing and poetry, phonographic editions and artists' books.
(external link: www.mycatisanalien.com)

French edition
Lenka lente
A story of love and drunkenness with Venus in Zurich's forest, by German writer Oskar Panizza. This edition comes with a musical piece and illustrations by experimental intermedia duo My Cat Is An Alien.