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Jean-Paul Mongin & François Schwoebel
Jean-Paul Mongin is a philosopher who lives and works in Paris. He is the publisher of the French series Les petits Platons.

François Schwoebel lives in the Normandy countryside. After a degree in physics he worked in the field of informatics engineering. In 2004, he decided to become an illustrator of books.

See also Jean-Paul Mongin & Laurent Moreau; Jean-Paul Mongin & Yann Le Bras.

English edition
On a long, cold winter night, more than three hundred years ago, Mister Descartes is suddenly beset by profound doubts: Can I trust my senses, or am I fooled by illusions? Is there an Evil Genius behind all things? What if the outside world is only a dream? Is my own existence nothing but the product of my imagination? (an illustrated philosophy book for children).