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Adolf Wölfli / Nurse With Wound
See also Adolf Wölfli / Baudouin de Jaer; André Salmon / Nurse With Wound; Charles-Louis Philippe / Nurse With Wound; Félix Fénéon / Nurse With Wound; Félix Fénéon / Nurse With Wound; Franz Kafka / Nurse With Wound; Antonin Artaud / Nurse With Wound.
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French edition
Lenka lente
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A seminal text (and introduction to some 25000 pages of drawings, collages, autobiographical writings and compositions by Adolf Wölfli), this “short autobiography” of a major figure in the history of art brut is accompanied by a mini-CD containing the two interpretations of Wölfli's graphic scores by Nurse With Wound, first published in 1986.